Bella, Max, and More: The Most Popular Dog Names of 2017

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Bella, Max, and More: The Most Popular Dog Names of 2017

What’s in a name? Well, in 2017 it was Bella, Max, Charlie, Lucy, Cooper and Daisy, just to mention a few. recently released their list of the top 100 most popular dog names for males and females.

The ten favorite names for boy pups were Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Jack, Rocky, Oliver, Bear, Duke, and Tucker.

The female top ten included Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Luna, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Maggie, Bailey, and Sophie.

Girl power in pop culture was a big driving force for naming female dogs in 2017. For instance, names like Oprah and Madonna all saw a spike (a 21 percent increase from 2016), while “Wonder Woman”-themed names rose 45 percent.

TV also helped boost popular girl dog names, thanks to shows like “Stranger Things”(both Barb and Eleven were names getting called at the dog park versus than Upside Down). “Handmaid’s Tale”-based monikers saw a huge 200 percent bump.

In general, pop culture influenced pet parents, who chose dog names from “Game of Thrones” (Khaleesi and Snow) and “Star Wars” (Finn and Luke) in 2017.

Even 90’s nostalgia had an impact on this year’s dog’s names, from Daria (up 104 percent from last year) to Nirvana (up a whopping 177 percent).

A major reason for this, according to Rover, comes from the fact that 75 percent of dog owners who gave their dogs pop culture-influenced names are Millennials. And they say our generation hasn’t contributed anything!

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: