16 Dogs In Pajamas Who Live For Bedtime

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16 Dogs In Pajamas Who Live For Bedtime

Dogs are cute. Dogs in clothes tend to be even cuter. But dogs in pajamas? The absolute cutest. Before these pups go to bed, they’re stealing our hearts, one pair of ducky dog PJs at a time.

dogs in pajamas - Oatie

A napping pro, wise Oatie has unlocked the secrets to a superior snooze: fleecy pajamas and the sunniest spot on the floor.

Credit: @oatie_the_oatpup

Dogs in pajamas - Remy

“Get out of bed!? Before noon? On a Saturday? You humans are hilarious.”

Credit: @remyshep

dogs in pajamas - Monkey

This is Monkey’s “Game Of Thrones” binge outfit. We’ll be right over, big guy.

Credit: @monkeytheboxer

Penny loves her bacon jammies almost as much as she loves bacon—almost.

Credit: @pennypotamus

“What are you looking at? You’ve never seen a dachshund in ducky pajamas before?”

Credit: @jellythesausage

When you wake up thinking it’s Sunday—then realize you’re one day off.

Credit: @bullterriers_fantastic4

Of all the Internet’s gifts—grumpy cats, corgi butts, hedgehogs in teacups—Coraline and her teddy bear might be the cutest yet.

Credit: @coraline_the_pitbull

As Mr. Toby knows, revenge is a dish best served in the middle of the new carpet.

Credit: @mr_toby_the_cockapoo

What time is it? That’s right, Frankie—it’s cuddle time.

Credit: @frankierescueyou

Little Mijo loves his dino jammies. Naptime, not so much.

Credit: @baby.mijo

Proceed with caution—Lucky is a highly trained snuggler.

Credit: @lucky.the.pitbull

Chancho isn’t in the mood for your tired coffee jokes.

Credit: @chancho.the.bulldog

When puppy eyes met elephant jammies: Duncan is an unstoppable force of adorable, and he knows it.

Credit: @duncananddex

“Surrender your hearts, earthlings.”

Credit: @yukizoooooooo

There ain’t no party like a pug pajama party.

Credit: @youngminjin7

That face you make when you realize Netflix has all seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls.”

Credit: @rileytheblackpug

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: