Tips for Creating Your Own DIY Pet Bed

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Tips for Creating Your Own DIY Pet Bed

Pet beds are expensive. We all want comfortable beds for our puppies and kittens that will last into adulthood. Because two of our dogs developed arthritis early, we prefer orthopedic dog beds, but many in the stores are out of our budget and don’t seem like they’ll last very long.

Instead of paying high prices, we purchased high quality foam at a fabric store. We provided measurements and store employees cut the foam to the specified size. The fabric store employees also explained each option to us and let us test out the various foams. We chose a thickness that was firm with an acceptable amount of give and the store manager assured us that it would last years.

Each foam bed cost $45. We purchased 2.

We ordered two covers online; the interior cover is water resistant and the outer cover is available in a variety of cute designs. If you’re handy with a sewing machine (or know someone who is) you can easily create a cover yourself. You can also reuse covers from old dog beds to save even more.

In the end, each bed cost less than $90. When we were looking at similar dog beds, they cost nearly $200 each and didn’t come with a water resistant lining.

Don’t Throw Away Old Pet Bed Covers

If a dog or cat bed has outlived its useful life, keep the cover!

I go through my closet and drawers once a year to purge items that have also outlived their useful life. The clothes, towels, and other fabric items that aren’t fit for donation become filling for a dog bed.

Using this method, you can take your old clothes, towels and blankets, and stuff them into an old pet bed cover. Or you can create a new cover and use your old soft goods for the stuffing.

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