Persian Cat Is World’s Cutest (And Floofiest) Massage Therapist

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Persian Cat Is World’s Cutest (And Floofiest) Massage Therapist

Everyone loves a good massage. Whether you’re stressed out or sore from working out, a massage helps sooth aching muscles and relax the mind. But we found something even better than a massage: a massage given by a very floofy cat.

Meet Graveskull. While it’s not uncommon for cats to knead blankets or people, Graveskull loves to give massages and has made quite a name for herself on Instagram for her frequent spa sessions.

“She takes her job as a ‘meowssage’ therapist very seriously,” her mom, Karin Ahlin, told us.

The Persian cat lives in Queens, New York, with Ahlin and Ahlin’s husband, Jansen Cinco. She turned 5 years old on Oct. 22, 2017, and has been giving massages since she was a kitten. No appointments are necessary. In fact, there are no appointments period. Graveskull only provides her massage services when she’s in the mood.

“Her spa is only open when Graveskull feels like it,” Ahlin said. “It could be anytime from early mornings, lunch or evening.”

She is particularly fond of massaging Karin during yoga practice, but anyone can benefit from her “meowssage” therapy if Graveskull is feeling generous.

“She will give my husband massages as well and sometimes other people as well if she feels that he/she needs one,” Ahlin said.

Her clients give her high ratings when it comes to her masseuse skills, even if the occasional nail slips in.

“A purr-fect score: 10/10!” Ahlin said. “The free ‘acupawtures’ makes it even better!”

When she’s not putting her magic paws to work, Graveskull enjoys watching live entertainment from the window sills; playing with her siblings, KitKat and Senor Tacos; chasing strings and pencils around the house; spending some time on the catio and taking plenty of catnaps. She’s also a fan of nose boops (who isn’t, really?) For the most part, she as relaxed as her clients after a massage sesh, but she also has a feisty side.

“She definitely is the boss in our house,” Ahlin said.

We could forgive her for the bossy attitude if it meant getting relaxing massage from those cute, little paws.

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