Comedian Creates Funny Adoption Profiles For Shelter Cats

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Comedian Creates Funny Adoption Profiles For Shelter Cats

Delores likes staring out the window and dislikes the warlock’s curse that turned her into a cat. Troy like lots of cuddles and dislikes the word “colonel.” These are just a couple of the hilarious adoption profiles a California comedian created for the cats at his local shelter.

Jeff Wysaski often leaves humorous signs in public places to get a laugh. (Check out his Obvious Plant Facebook and Instagram accounts.) Last week, Wysaski used his comedic talents to help cats at the Sante D’Or Foundation in Los Angeles get adopted. The profiles are made up, but the cats are all real and need loving homes.

1. Sylvia

Sylvia profile Via Obvious Plant/Facebook

Sylvia is very particular about the use of the word “cats.”

2. Zeta

[ Via Obvious Plant/Facebook

She’ll reconsider her stance on ghosts if the ghosts give her belly rubs.

3. Guinevere

Via Obvious Plant/Facebook

Finally! A cat to play Mario Kart with!

4. Choccy

Via Obvious Plant/Facebook

Does it still count if the band formed in the 90s but is still around today? Serious question.

5. Camille

Via Obvious Plant/Facebook

Stop bragging about how funny your fart jokes are. You sound like a blow-hard. (Do cats even fart?)

6. Mishka

Via Obvious Plant/Facebook

Mishka is all about business formal attire.

7. Delores

Via Obvious Plant/Facebook

Any witches out there who can help Delores turn back into her human form?

8. Gus

Gus has strong feelings about badminton.

9. Honey

Via Obvious Plant/Facebook

Honey looks like she more than likes catnip.

For more (real) information on these cats, contact Sante D’Or Foundation at 323-898-8889, or to make a donation, visit

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