Champy The Horse And Morris The Cat Are Quite The Dynamic Duo

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Champy The Horse And Morris The Cat Are Quite The Dynamic Duo

Being in a new place can be scary, but once you make a friend, you feel a million times better. That’s what happened to a cat named Morris. When he was about a year old, Morris was adopted by an Australian woman named Jennifer Boyle.

“I wasn’t planning on getting a cat at the time, but went to browse in a rescue shelter and I felt an instant connection with him,” Boyle told us.

Morris was in for a culture shock, going from the shelter to Boyle’s rural property in northern New South Wales. But he would soon meet a friend to show him the ropes, Boyle’s horse, Champy.

“Morris had never even been outdoors, so he had a lot to get used to,” Boyle said. “He would sit on the front verandah within safe distance to run back inside. Champy just started hanging around him and wouldn’t leave.”

After a few days, Boyle said that Morris started to trust Champy.

“Morris jumped on Champy’s back and they’ve been best buddies ever since,” she said.

That was about five years ago.

They spend most of their time together. They drink together.

They eat together.

And sometimes Champy just gives Morris a ride around the yard.

“When I’m training Champy, Morris will sit watching us, sometimes he even tries to get involved,” Boyle told us. “I’ve got to interrupt my training because Morris wants a ride. I really don’t mind though, it’s always fun to watch them together.”

Boyle added, “They’ve brought a lot of joy into my life and I love it that they’re bringing joy to other people’s lives, too.”

And what more could you ask for in life, really? Stay cute, Champy and Morris!

By: Chrissa Hardy




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