Cat Takes Horse For Lovely Rides In The English Countryside

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Cat Takes Horse For Lovely Rides In The English Countryside

Touring southwestern England sounds delightful, doesn’t it? The seaside settings, the temperate climate, the horses ambling by with cats on their back. We want to go to there.

Cat Louis likes to hang around with horse Comet and go for walks around their Devon home, according to Facebook. Horse trainer Emma Massingale filmed the duo taking walks around the idyllic environs of her home, and it looks so pleasant.

The Purrrrfect Ride! I don’t normally let anyone ride my liberty horses but I think Louis is the Purrrrfect apprentice! lol #cat #connemara #catriding #training Mole Valley Farmers Equestrian Mole Valley Farmers Horseware NAF Charlies Products Posted by Emma Massingale on Friday, December 22, 2017

Massingale trains horses so well they can obey her commands without the use of reins — liberty horses, as they are known. They’ve won advertising campaigns and drawn national attention for their relaxed demeanor, like the one Comet has while his cat friend rides around with him.

The cat has mastered loading at Liberty! ? #cat #connemara #teamhorseware #loading #liberty Posted by Emma Massingale on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It’s soothing to see them stroll around, totally comfortable with each other. Comet the calm soul carries Louis, as they keep each other company in the serene settings. While it might be a while until we make it to the coastal charm of Devon, we can imagine how nice it will be simply by watching this video.


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