Cat Hits New Low, Steals Money From Mom’s Purse

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Cat Hits New Low, Steals Money From Mom’s Purse

Gather ‘round. It’s time for a family meeting. Someone in the house — whom we love very much — is behaving in a way that harms all of us. Mainly Mom, whose purse was totally ransacked, but, really, trust has been broken and we all need to heal.

A cat has been caught on camera stealing money from Mom’s purse in a Rumble video posted by AFV. The cat kind of knows it’s wrong but she kind of does it anyway, which means she’s clearly got a problem.

Kitty acts casual as another cat walks by her, under the table, while she grooms herself. An obvious ploy, we say. (“No stealing here. No way, just cleaning myself.”)

When the coast is clear, she dips a paw into the purse on the table, slyly lifting out a bill. She looks closer at it — is she making sure she takes enough? — and then pulls it in closer.

This is obviously time for an intervention. Why are you even stealing, cat? Don’t we provide enough? Clearly the thrill is in getting away with it. We hope it’s just a phase and nothing we have to send anyone to cat juvie about. Nobody wants that.

By: Anastasia Thrift

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: