10 Adorable Pet Calendars to Start Your New Year

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10 Adorable Pet Calendars to Start Your New Year

With the new year right around the corner, everyone’s vowing to put their best paw forward with resolutions to help improve their life. To keep you on track, we’ve gathered our best selection of animal calendars so you can plan each day’s tasks until you achieve your goals. And even if you don’t fulfill all of your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll still have a pet calendar that can lift your spirits with humorous, cute and heartwarming photos.

1. Doug the Pug 2019 Wall Calendar 

It’s just another day in the life of Doug the Pug, and dog lovers can celebrate the best part of every season right along with him.

2. Cat-Astrophe 2019 Wall Calendar

What has the cat gotten up to now? The Cat-Astrophe pet calendar will show you exactly what kind of tomcat-foolery these four-legged creatures are capable of, from planning a great escape to blaming the dog.

3. Yoga Puppies 2019 Mini Wall Calendar

What’s cuter than seeing dogs doing yoga poses every month? Yeah, we don’t know either. From downward dog to a forward bend, these dogs make yoga look easy, and adorable.

4. What Cats Teach Us 2019 Wall Calendar

Cat lovers know that their beloved pets are wise beyond their nine lives. If you take the valuable cat advice included in this calendar—for example, “When in doubt, take a nap”—your new year will be off to an excellent start.

5. #PETSELFIE 2019 Wall Calendar

Everyone clearly loves to take selfies nowadays—including pets! #Adorable.

6. If Animals Could Talk 2019 Mini Wall Calendar

Have you ever wondered what animals like an alpaca and raccoon would say if they could speak English? Well, this calendar kinda sorta makes those dreams come true in the most hilarious way possible.

7. Underwater Dogs 2019 Mini Wall Calendar 

Dogs will do anything to fetch their favorite toy—even if it means jumping into a pool of water. In return, we get to see hilarious photos of underwater dogs who are living their best lives one fetch at a time.

8. Pounce 2019 Wall Calendar

Admiring photos of kittens pouncing each and every month? Yes, please!

9. Bad Dog 2019 Mini Wall Calendar

Don’t let those puppy eyes fool you! These doggos have NOT been on their best behavior.

10. Happy Cats 2019 Wall Calendar

When tackling your schedule, you might as well do it with a happy cat smiling back at you.

Whether you’re looking for no-hassle cat lover gifts and dog lover gifts, or looking for a little New Year’s gift for yourself, these pet calendars are sure to bring smiles and warm hearts.

By Nikki Naser and Lindsay Schencker

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