Dogo Argentino Dog Breed

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Dogo Argentino Dog Breed

As a pack-hunting breed originating in Cordoba (the central region of Argentina) the Dogo Argentino was bred to pursue big-game like wild boar and puma. Their strength and intelligence makes them the perfect dog for the task. On top of that, though, these dogs make great family pets as well because they are both loving and loyal to a fault.

We checked in with the American Kennel Club to find out more about this interesting breed.

Dogo Argentino Physical Characteristics

Athletic in build, the breed was created at the hands of Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, who methodically crossed 10 different breeds in order to get a dog with a strong enough body and character to perform the difficult work of chasing down large animals.


Completely white, although a dark patch is allowed near the eye as long as it doesn’t cover more than 10% of the head.


Short, plain and smooth.

Dogo Argentino Personality and Temperament

Activity Level



The Dogo is known to be cheerful, humble and friendly, a lover of his family, to include children.

Things to Consider

The Dogo is a hardworking breed, and as such he needs regular, extensive exercise to maintain his athletic abilities and happy disposition. The Dogo does well with positive, balanced obedience training and needs mental stimulation to stay in its best shape.

Dogo Argentino Care

Ideal Living Conditions

The Dogo is a wonderful family dog, and they do well in homes that will provide them with a lot of attention. They are clean and their coat needs little care, but they do need plenty of space to run around and to exercise in.

Special Requirements

The Dogo wouldn’t do well to spend a ton of time outside in direct sunlight, as their skin tends to be sensitive. They also need a lot of exercise – both physical and mental – to stay their healthiest.

Dogo Argentino Health

Because of their white color, the Dogo’s skin can be pretty sensitive, and they are prone to deafness. According to the Dogo Argentino Club of America, approximately 10% of the litters they raise produce are deaf.

Dogo Argentino History and Background

Bred originally in the Cordoba region of Argentina in the 1920s, the Dogo Argentino was the product of meticulous breeding by one Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, who crossed 10 breeds (including a now-extinct breed of dog from Cordoba) in order to get an athletic pup who was strong enough and had character enough to perform the difficult task at hand. He was also hoping the breed would be friendly and make a great pet, so that these dogs could simulaneously work hard and keep families company.

When Dr. Martinez passed away suddenly at a young age, his family took up the responsibility to continue breeding the dogs to ensure they lived on.

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