8 Dog Supplies to Pack for a Day at the Park

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8 Dog Supplies to Pack for a Day at the Park

There’s nothing like spending a day at the park with your dog. Canines enjoy “field trips” with their humans so much, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Whether your household is large or small, a day at the park with your dog is fun for everyone.

Before heading out, make sure to pack your bag with the essentials and prepare ahead for a smooth, fun-filled day. After all, the key to a successful park visit with your pup is having the right dog supplies to keep your pet (and you) comfortable and to encourage appropriate play.

1. Leash


It’s essential to be able to control your canine in a public place like the park, so bring a sturdy, fixed-length leash, such as the Frisco nylon dog leash. Even if the park allows off-leash play, you will need to leash your dog as you walk in and out of the park. It’s also extremely useful if your dog starts to get a little too rowdy and you need to get him back under control quickly.

2. A Place to Settle


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Running around at the park is great fun, but your dog probably will want a rest now and then. If you don’t have a picnic blanket to share with your pupper, bring a FurHaven muddy paws dog mat for your dog to use while at the park. This easy-to-carry, machine-washable dog mat traps mud, sand and debris, so your dog can lie on it when he wants to settle down for a bit, and you can use it to clean him off a bit before you leave the park.

3. Travel Bowl

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Playing at the park is thirsty work, and dogs can get dehydrated if they don’t drink water often—especially on a hot summer’s day. Bring a bowl, like Alfie Pet collapsible travel bowl, to encourage your pooch to drink regularly throughout your park visit.

If you plan to be out during your fur-pal’s mealtime, pack two bowls and use one for water and the other for food. Be prepared to pick up the food bowl if any off-leash dogs or wildlife approach to investigate it!

4. Treats


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The park is an exciting place, and treats will help you keep your dog’s focus. But don’t wait until something goes wrong to pull out the dog treats. Be proactive about rewarding your pooch for paying attention to you at the park.

You also can use treats to reward him for coming to you when you call, sitting on cue, walking nicely on leash, and much, much more. The easiest treats to carry around are smaller training treats, like the Pet Botanics training rewards.

5. Poop Bags


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This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget. And let’s face it, odds are you’re going to have to pick up poop while at the park with your pooch!

Get a poop bag dispenser, like the Frisco dog poop dispenser with poop bags, and you can attach the dispenser on your backpack, keychain or dog’s leash to ensure you don’t forget to bring it with you.

6. Dog Toys


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What would a day at the park be without games? A good toy is required for a fun game of fetch, and lying in the grass chewing on a toy is many dogs’ idea of heaven.

Get a Hyper Pet 4 Pack of balls to make sure you don’t run out of toys to throw and a Frisco fetch no squeak dog toy to occupy your dog (quietly!) while you’re sitting on a park bench relaxing. You also can bring a Frisco rope with 5 knots for a rousing game of tug. 

7. Identification


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Dogs sometimes get lost, even when you’re doing your best to keep them safe. For your pup’s safety, make sure he is wearing proper identification in case you get separated at the park.

The GoTags Personalized Nylon Dog Collar allows you to personalize the collar itself with your information. Put your cell phone number on it and the person who finds your dog will be able to let you know where your pooch is right away.

8. Car Seat Cover


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Fun often involves dirt. And water. And mud. Protect your car’s upholstery during the car ride home with a Frisco water resistant hammock car seat cover. This stain-resistant cover is machine washable and comfy for your pet.

Outdoor time with your dog is one of the greatest joys. To make sure your trip to the park is a success, gather these essential dog supplies before you head out the door. And most importantly, have fun!



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