7 Gifts for Horse Lovers

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Horse gifts for horse lovers

7 Gifts for Horse Lovers

Horses—no matter the breed—are a favorite animal of many, and it’s easy to see why. They are intelligent, trusting and inspiring animals. If someone who rides horses (or just loves these gentle giants) made your holiday gift list, you've come to the right place. These gifts for horse lovers are sure to make the recipient smile—and their horse will probably love them, too!

Here are seven awesome ideas for gifts for horse lovers for holidays, birthdays or "just because."

Gifts for Horse Lovers

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Perri's Leather Turnout Horse Halter

The Perri’s Leather Turnout horse halter is a premium-grade leather horse tack that is handmade by Amish craftsmen. The supple, double-stitched design features all-brass hardware and allows for a customized fit, thanks to the adjustable chin buckle. The throat snap will help you rest easy knowing the halter will stay in place. Aside from being an ideal turnout halter, many folks use it in the stable, in the competition ring and even as an award halter.

Find Perri’s Leather Turnout horse halter here.

Gifts for Horse Lovers

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"The Horse Encyclopedia"

We can’t think of a better housewarming or hostess gift for horse lovers than this coffee table volume. "The Horse Encyclopedia" by Elwyn Hartley Edwards is a comprehensive guide to 150 horse and pony breeds from all over the world.

It offers a fascinating retelling of the backstory of this graceful animal, starting from evolution, then takes you through special appearances in history, art and culture, and up through his modern-day notoriety in horse racing, polo and show jumping. The photography is stunning, but it’s much more than a visual book—it includes practical tips on horse care and conditioning.

Find "The Horse Encyclopedia" here.

Gifts for Horse Lovers

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"Animals: A Mindful Coloring Book"

Are you shopping for a teen who covers the walls of her room with pictures of horses? Or do you know someone who loves to use coloring books as a stress reliever?

The “Animals: A Mindful Coloring Book” by Georgie Woolridge proves that coloring books most definitely are not just for little kids. Inspired by the author’s world travels, it features more than 35 intricate drawings of animals from all over the world, including ponies. Each drawing is paired with interesting details about the animal’s habits and environment. The swirling designs, paisley patterns and other artistic styles replicate those seen in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

It’s one coloring book that elevates a kindergartener’s classic pastime into an animal lover’s go-to relaxation tool. 

Find the "Animals: A Mindful Coloring Book" here.

Gifts for Horse Lovers

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Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies

When sizing up gifts for horse lovers, don’t overlook the horse himself. Hard-working horses deserve a few treats just as much as the family dog. And, let’s face it, apples can get boring.

Mrs. Pastures horse cookies are dehydrated in such a way that they keep their hard, crunchy texture. That means your horse-loving friend can keep them in a pocket when taking their horse for an outing, and they won’t crumble. These tasty tidbits contain no preservatives, but thanks to that special dehydration process, they have a long shelf life (unlike apples). 

Find Mrs. Pastures horse cookies here.

Gifts for Horse Lovers

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Horsemen's Pride Jolly Ball Horse Toy

The Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Ball horse toy is a perfect present for your friends with horses. Made in the USA, the durable, air-free design is constructed to hold its shape, and the handle features a large hole for hanging in a stall or easily tossing on many happy afternoons in a pasture, so it’s versatile as well. 

Find Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Ball horse toy here.

Gifts for Horse Lovers

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Horsemen's Pride Salt on a Rope Horse Treat

At first glance, horse supplies might not seem like the most exciting gift for horse lovers, but we beg to differ. Case in point: Horsemen’s Pride Salt on a Rope horse treat.

This boredom buster is a fun treat designed to help a horse meet their sodium and chloride needs. It features pure Himalayan salt, which is extra dense to resist breaking from biting. The horse will love it—and that means their doting parent will, too. 

Find Horsemen’s Pride Salt on a Rope horse treat here.

Gifts for Horse Lovers

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Sock It To Me Horsehead Nebula Women's Knee High Socks

After a day spent out on the trails, it's time to get comfy. These out-of-this-world knee high socks from Sock It To Me are sure to do the trick! With a cozy cotton blend and a colorful equestian pattern, no horse parent will be able to resist pulling them on after stripping off their riding boots.

Find Sock It To Me's Horsehead Nebula socks here.

Whether you're searching for gifts for horse lovers, new pet parents, or even your own equine buddy, consider your search complete! We have all the perfect presents you need for the pet lovers on your holiday gift list.

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