75 Fall Pet Names for 2022: Autumn-Inspired Dog Names, Cat Names and More

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75 Fall Pet Names for 2022: Autumn-Inspired Dog Names, Cat Names and More

Choosing the right name for your new pet can feel like the most important part of getting a pet (aside from getting the proper pet food, designating a sleeping area for them, and taking them to the vet for their checkups, and all the other items on your new pet checklist, of course). But where can you find inspiration for the perfect name? Many pet parents give their pet a name based on the time of year they were born or adopted—and if you brought your new family member home in autumn, you might want to consider one of the many fall pet names on this list. 

 Whether your new pet is a dog, cat, bird, rabbit or horse, we’ve rounded up these spectacular seasonal selections to get you started.

Fall Dog Names


Although the sun sets a bit earlier in the fall than during the rest of the year, there’s a beautiful golden hour that’s just as special as your new pup. Plus, if you’ve got yourself a new Golden Retriever, this name is pretty much a given.


If your new furry friend has a golden or light-brown coat but you don’t want to give them a literal name like Goldie or Golden, Honey is a sweet alternative.


Cypress trees grow big and tall and, like most green things, shed their leaves in the fall.


When your new pup is not cozying up to you on the couch, they will find a warm spot by the fireplace filled with fresh wood logs.


Like the wood, or like the hickory-smoked bacon you (and your pup) are probably craving right about now.


Sure, you’re probably a mac and cheese aficionado all year long, but a nice bowl of macaroni smothered in cheese is the perfect side dish to all your fall meals. And Mac makes a cute nickname.


A seasonal gourd that’s a favorite to carve in October—and serve in pumpkin pie in November.


Does your pup have a dark, luscious coat of fur? Then go ahead and name them after this strong coffee bean—the perfect pick-me-up for those cold fall mornings.


Kettle-popped corn is a fall favorite. What about a fall dog name inspired by those sweet little popcorn kernels?


This simple, colorful name describes the hue of the falling leaves in autumn.


Hazelnuts, which are harvested annually each autumn, are a delicious nut that’s tasty on its own or roasted. (They’re also the star flavor in Nutella.)


After apple-picking, a classic fall pastime. And because your dog is the apple of your eye.


An ember is what’s left behind after a fire dies down, usually made of charred pieces of hot coal that appear to be glowing. Embers can still warm you up, just like your doggo on a cold fall night.


Legend has it that this type of corn was served at the first Thanksgiving. Plus, Maizey is a super cute pet nickname.


We can’t promise you won’t be singing “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” all season long.

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 Fall Cat Names


This gemstone is associated with November/Scorpio babies, which makes it the purr-fect fall cat name for your kitten.


This type of plant is a typical fall flower known for its plumes that often bloom in the shape of a flame or a teeny tiny Christmas tree.


No, we’re not talking about the classic teen movie from the ‘80s, “Heathers.” (Though that classic film is a great source of name inspiration!) Instead, this Heather refers to the fall flower from the Calluna genus. These flowers grow in bushes and cover gorgeous fields with their rich colors ranging from white, pink, green and red foliage.


Cloves are the tiny flower buds that you’ll often find swimming in your hot cider drink.


Yes, this is the title of Disney’s 2007 animated film about a rat who can cook, making it a bit of an ironic name choice for a cat. But, a ratatouille is also a classic colorful dish featuring all sorts of fall vegetables like eggplant, zucchini and lots of peppers.


This earthy herb elevates your regular fall dishes into super fancy cuisine. Gnocchi? Toss that baby in some brown butter sage sauce and voilà!


Fall does not exist without hot chocolate nights. (OK, it clearly does exist, but it’s not the same.)


Gingerbread cookies or gingerbread houses are all the rage in November and December months.


Too much of this sweet candy can lead to dental decay or cavities. But who says you can’t metaphorically enjoy this traditional fall treat each time you cuddle with your new kitten?


A perfect name for a cat who’s both sweet and tart, just like the sauce you serve at Thanksgiving.


The fall months usher in the annual changing of the leaves and the spectacular fall foliage.


Sure, you can enjoy a waffle any time of the year, but nothing screams autumn coziness like a waffle topped with whipped cream made by your mom.


This name is particularly fitting if your new kitten is a black tabby.


These cookies covered in cinnamon and sugar are guaranteed to warm your soul during the fall season.

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 Autumn Bird Names


A birch is a type of tree that’s perfect for building a fall fire. Can’t you just imagine your winged fella perched on a birch?


Opal is the birthstone for those born during the month of October.


During the fall months, it feels like we see less of the sun since it gets dark often before many people even leave work. So why not name your feathery friend after that low-lit period of time between day and night? This name would be especially fitting for the African grey.


Sapphire is the birthstone for those born during the month of September.


Spanish for pumpkin.


There are plenty of breezes during the fall months, and your new bird can surely navigate those windy waves.


Whether you prefer chicken, beef or another recipe, autumn is the unofficial potpie season.


As in, the pecan pie you look forward to at each Thanksgiving dinner.


All year long no one pays attention to ciders, but come October, people just can’t get enough of this crushed apple drink.


The air gets extra crisp in the fall.


The light brown hue of teakwood is reminiscent of the changing of the leaves from green to yellow to brown.


These shrubby trees grow best in northern climates, and produce hazelnuts, a favorite fall flavor.


If your feathery friend has rich, dark feathers, naming them Ebony after the long, dark fall nights would be a nice touch.


Ambers are yellowy stones made from fossilized tree resin, with colors that reflect the golden hues of changing leaves.

 Green Bean

If you have a green bird like a budgie, green-cheeked conure or Indian ringneck, this name— inspired by the Thanksgiving favorite green bean casserole—is a perfect fit.

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 Autumn Rabbit Names


A nod to the season’s warm and cozy fires, whether bonfires or the ones in your fireplace.


The delightful aroma that cinnamon brings into a room is enough to make you lift your nose into the air and smile. If your new rabbit has brown fur, this is the perfect name!


What’s a key ingredient in a warm, autumn roast? Potatoes! And, of course, carrots and thyme and broth. But naming your new bunny Carrots is way too basic.


Rubies are dark, red semi-precious stones that’ll remind you of the warmth of a fire.


Speaking of staying warm, you’re going to need a lot of blankets as the weather takes a turn this season. Or you can simply cuddle with your new furry friend.


Because of course you’re feeling thankful for your new pet!


This is a play on words since rabbits are closely related to the hare. Also, Harry is a common male name in the United Kingdom, where it’s cold and gloomy all year round, so it’s basically fall 365 days of the year.


The warning call you should make when cutting down a tree for firewood.


The sound a fire makes.


It wouldn’t be fall without a big ol’ can of yams.


When all else fails, go literal.


Like the marshmallows you’ll be toasting over a fire this fall season.


A hot toddy is an ideal drink recipe to warm your autumn blues. Mix a jigger of whiskey or bourbon into your tea and drop in an orange wedge for this relaxing beverage.


Pumpkin pie would not be complete without a dollop of whipped cream. Instead of naming your new bunny after the pie, name them after the topping!


All sorts of berries are popular during the fall months because they’re so versatile: eat ‘em, decorate with ‘em, or feed ‘em to your new rabbit (in moderation, of course).

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 Fall Horse Names


Oakwood is the most commonly used to build furniture, and grows in cooler, northern temperatures where the change of the seasons is felt the most.


Does your horse have a gray, smoky coat? We’ve found their new name! Plus, think of all the smoky bonfires you’ll be attending with your horse this fall.


This bold stone has a rich deep-red tone that evokes the colors of the season. Plus, it symbolizes strength. And at over 800 pounds for an adult, your horse will grow to be strong and beautiful—just like a garnet.


A funny name for a horse? Sure, but also one that honors Thanksgiving’s traditional main dish.


You can’t have Thanksgiving turkey without it!


This herb is a staple ingredient in your favorite fall dishes, like rosemary chicken or rosemary roasted potatoes.


A sycamore is another tree that drops its leaves in the fall.


As the weather changes from summer to fall, so does your wardrobe: out with summery floral patterns and in with autumnal checkered prints, like Buffalo plaid.


It’s what astronomers call the scorpion-shaped constellation that gives the November zodiac sign Scorpio its name.


Maple leaves are a fall staple, just like maple syrup on any breakfast food.

 Sweet Alyssum

In some parts of the nation, this sweet-smelling flower begins to bloom in mid-summer until fall. It can create a blanket of purple, white or pink hues.


Another traditional fall flower.

 Sweet Cherry

A type of wood for your fireplace, and a regal-sounding name for your horse.


The butternut squash is a type of winter squash. During these cooler months, you’ll see butternut squash soup pop up on the menu as a special seasonal item at just about every restaurant in town.


A cozy fall tradition-turned-unique name for your horse.

 Baby Yoda

Think this adorable 50-year-old creature has nothing to do with fall? Think again—just look at how warm and cozy he is in his robes, clutching his soup.


You’re going to want to make sure whatever moniker you pick for your new pet fits their unique personality. After you take this first step, go ahead and fill your shopping cart with all your pet essentials. Check out Chewy’s “shop by pet” feature to find everything necessary to care for your new pet.

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