15 Felines Ready to ‘Sleigh’ the Holiday Season with Their Cat Christmas Outfits

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Cat Christmas sweater
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15 Felines Ready to ‘Sleigh’ the Holiday Season with Their Cat Christmas Outfits

The Christmas season inspires people to don their holiday best for family gatherings and holiday soirees. But what about festive felines? Do they have their cat Christmas outfits ready?

If not, it's time to spread holiday cheer with an outfit ensemble for them, too. You can go simple with cat bandanas and cat ties, or more dressed up with cat coats, Christmas cat sweaters, and cat Christmas dresses.

We’ve found 16 cats wearing their jolliest, cheeriest and merriest cat Christmas outfits for Santa Claus this holiday season.

1. This cat who’s rockin’ a holiday hoodie.

Sometimes fur is just not enough to keep your cat toasty in the cool winter weather. A festive red fleece cat hoodie is one cute, cheery way to keep warm.

Get the Look: Frisco's Dog and Cat Basic Hoodie

2. This cat who’s showing off his Santa suit.

A head-to-toe Santa Claus cat outfit—complete with a lopsided Santa hat—is how this kitty spreads his holiday spirit. We have to say the holidays look pretty fetching on him!

Get the Look: Simply Cat Santa Harness and Frisco Deluxe Holiday Hat

3. This cat who knows the holiday season is all about the sweater.

This kitty decked out in a cat Christmas sweater is keeping warm, embracing the season, and looking like he’s ready to enjoy a cup of warm milk by the fire. Mmm, sounds good to us, too!

Get the Look: Frisco Reindeer Fair Isle Dog & Cat Sweater

4. This cat who’s wearing a Christmas tree hat.

This kitty only needs one accessory to prove he’s holly and jolly. And he’s certainly the best gift under the tree!

5. This formal feline in a tuxedo.

There is nothing more sophisticated than a cat in a tuxedo—well, in a cat bandana tuxedo. Easily add flair, class and charm to your annual holiday cards by snapping a pic of your kitty in a tux!

Get the Look: Dog Fashion Living Tuxedo Dog & Cat Bandana

6. This cat who’s also a furry elf.

Forget Elf on a Shelf. An elf with a tail is “Santa’s little helper” this year.

Outward Hound Holiday Elf Hat Pet CostumeGet the Look: 

7. This cat who looks sophisticated (and sleepy) in a knitted scarf. 

With a cat scarf this thick, it will always be nap time for kitty.

8. This cat who’s sitting pretty in a Christmas dress.

A little red, fit-and-flare dress just might be the best option when searching for the ideal holiday outfit.

Get the Look: Pup Crew Cable Knit Plaid Dog & Cat Dress Sweater

9. This cat who traded in her ears for antlers.

Forget Rudolph. This cat wants to help Santa lead the sleigh this year.

Get the Look: Frisco Holiday Antler Headband Dog & Cat Costume

10. This cat who sleeps well knowing a Christmas cat collar is classic and chic.

Your cat doesn’t need a full-fledged outfit to spread holiday cheer. A sweet Christmas-themed collar is just enough.

Get the Look: Blueberry Pet The Power of Lavish Holiday Breakaway Cat Collar

11. This cat who is keeping the chills away with a hooded vest (and a roaring fire).

A fur-lined vest is a perfect winter accessory and a great way to keep your feline fuzz ball even warmer.

Get the Look: Gooby Sports Dog & Cat Vest

12. This cat who’s as sweet as a candy cane.

Peppermints, candy canes and snowflakes combine to make an adorable Christmas-themed pattern on any outfit.

Get the Look: Frisco Holiday Friends Cozy Fleece PJs

13. This cat who knows how to mix formal wear with casual attire.

A mix of debonair and quirky, this cat nailed the holidays with his Christmas get-up.

Get the Look: Mirage Pet Products Plaid Dog & Cat Bow Tie

14. This tabby who knows red is his color.

This orange tabby looks sweet, comfortable and festive wearing a hand-knit red cat scarf with white fringe and Christmas tree detailing.

15. This cat who is all business.

The perfect accessory for a pet-welcome “office” Christmas party, a candy cane cat tie is professional and jolly.

Get the Look: Mirage Pet Products Plaid Small Dog & Cat Necktie


Whether your cat likes to keep warm in a cat coat, vest or scarf, or dress snazzy for a Christmas card photo session in holiday-printed garb, it would be a feline fashion faux pas not dress up your feline in a cat Christmas outfit this December. Plus, it’s just too adorable. Seasons Dressings!



By: Katrina RossosUpdated: