11 Clever and Cute Gifts for Cat Lovers

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gift for cat lovers
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11 Clever and Cute Gifts for Cat Lovers

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that cat lovers are notoriously easy to shop for. Throw some pointy ears or whiskers on something, and there’s a good chance they’ll find it adorable.

But, you probably want to get them something clever or useful, while still being on-theme, too.

To help you find the perfect present, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Chewy gifts for cat lovers, specially curated by our team of editors and fellow cat fanatics.  

So, don’t waste your time pussyfooting around, and get your pal something that’s the cat’s meow.


What: Meowington’s “Real Men Love Cats” Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Why: This limited-edition design has a classic fit and is made from 100 percent cotton for a lightweight feel. The high-quality printed black font contrasted against the light gray shirt makes a statement that truly stands out.

Who: Confident cat dads challenging the status quo, a boyfriend who needs to finally admit that he snuggles your cat in secret, or your male cat sitter who works for free.

How much: $18

What: FriendshipCollar Kitty Love Cat Collar With Friendship Bracelet

Why: This set comes with a breakaway collar for the cat and a matching friendship bracelet for the cat parent. Made with vegan leather, the bracelet and collar have a chic pattern that let’s cat lovers celebrate their bond in style.

Who: Your BFF whose BFF is their cat.

How much: $25



What: How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

Why: The Oatmeal features hilarious comics, guides, stories and quizzes for pet parents, created by comedic genius Matthew Inman. This book is essentially a collection of Inman’s best cat jokes, which inevitably means lots of laughs for the cat lover in your life.

Who: Cat lovers with a sense of humor (and a bit of paranoia).

How much: $9.79

What: Meowingtons “Trying to Get My S*** Together” Adult Racerback Tank Top

Why:The poly-cotton blend makes this slim-fitting tank extremely lightweight and comfortable, making it the perfect top for running errands or just hanging out with Kitty. It’s the ideal way for your friend to show the world they’re trying—and they also love cats.

Who: A funny girlfriend who should be appreciated for her efforts at adulting, or your stressed out sister who could really use a laugh.

How much: $18



What: Sock It to Me Gato Libre No Show Unisex Socks

Why: This pair of cute yet functional no-show socks is made with breathable combed cotton for ultimate comfort and have a silicon grip so they stay snug on your feet. The sock’s design feature kitties in Luchador-styled masks so your friend can celebrate their affinity for cats and Mexican wrestling simultaneously.

Who: The person in your life who is a fan of cats, flats and Lucha Libre; will also work for anyone who would rather stick their face in a litter box before wearing a pair of bulky socks.

How much: $7.23

What: PetRageous Designs “Cat Dad” Mug

Why: This 100-percent ceramic stoneware mug has a high-quality finish and is adorned with text and a design that tells people just how seriously cats dads take their paternal responsibilities. It’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe, making it easy for the feline father in your life to wear their heart on their cup daily.

Who: Your co-worker who’s always showing you pictures of their cat, the barista at your local cat café, or any cat dad who appreciates a good cup of coffee.

How much: $11.99



What: Entryways Black Cat Face Doormat

Why: This slip-resistant mat is made with coconut fibers—a renewable and sustainable resource—and has a PVC backing for ultimate slip resistance. The smiling cat design on this outdoor rug is hand-stenciled with permanent dye, so the mat can be enjoyed for all nine lives and then some.

Who: Perfect for the outdoorsy type and their fellow adventure cats, or your friend who likes to keep things tidy.

How much: $22.36

What: JJMax Animal Prints Unisex Socks

Why: A four pack of stylish socks with a vibrant woven design that resembles the paws of four types cats: Russian Blue, calico, gray tabby and orange tabby. The cotton blend makes these comfortable for wearing all day—whether you’re matching kitty at home or remembering her by tucking them away behind a pair of boots at work.

Who: Cat parents who want to embrace their inner feline (or just love comfy socks).

How much: $11.98



What: Primitives By Kathy “Judging You” Block Decor

Why: This vintage decorative sign is made with real wood and has neutral colors that fit in with most home décor schemes. It displays a statement that almost all cat owners can relate to, so this plaque is sure to inspire conversation with guests.

Who: A new cat parent who loves to host, or your neighbor with the grumpy cat.

How much: $10.95

What: Pet Shop by Fringe Studio Cat Face Ceramic

Why: This useful catchall tray is made of high-quality ceramic and has a metallic gold foil trim. It adds a touch of sophistication to any room and is the perfect accent piece on nightstands, coffee tables or dressers.

Who: Décor minded cat moms.

How much: $11.99


Gifts for cat lovers

What: Cat Goody Box

Why: Specially curated by the cat lovers at Chewy who make felines their job, these goody boxes come complete with fun toys and all types of treats—all guaranteed to thrill cats and delight cat parents.

Who: Cat moms, cat dads, cat grandparents and cat sitters.

How much: $23.99




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